KAUAI COFFEE® Koloa Estate Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee (10oz)

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100% PREMIUM ARABICA – Kauai dark roast whole bean coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee with a smooth, delicious flavor and amazing aroma. Each cup is a truly satisfying experience!

DARK ROASTED – Our Koloa Estate Dark Roast whole bean coffee delivers a bold, rich flavor with a vivid aroma of nutty notes and sweet chocolate overtones.

WHOLE COFFEE BEANS – Grinding your own coffee provides a delicious, stronger flavor. Our dark roast whole coffee beans are roasted to perfection and ready to be freshly ground!

ECO-FRIENDLY – From growing the coffee to roasting and packaging, we employ sustainable, environmentally sound practices throughout every step of the process.

HAWAII’S LARGEST COFFEE GROWER – Kauai Coffee is Hawaii’s largest coffee grower. We have just about 4 million coffee trees grown on 3,100 acres – a true Hawaiian coffee estate!